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Times are tough these days for Americans, and those in Charleston are no exception. However, instead of sitting back and watching the local economy plummet like nation’s has, area citizens have come together and developed a plan to boost the local economy. They call it the Lowcountry Local First Initiative.

The idea behind the plan is called the “10% Shift.” This non-profit group is asking that all Lowcountry households take 10% of their purchases to local vendors and shops—those that are locally owned and independent. They say that if everyone does this, thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars of new economic activity will be created.

Local business owners, as expected, have really jumped on board with this idea. A coupon can be found here that will take 10% off the purchases of local businesses who have chosen to participate. It’s a way of giving back to those who have decided to shift.

Even local grocery stores have supported this initiative by displaying signs advertising locally grown produce and groceries. Area billboards can also be spotted with some alluring messages, reminding people that Charleston-area local goods and services are just as good—if not better.

Charleston is said to be a great place for entrepreneurs because of the endless opportunity and support the community gives. This locally grown initiative is absolutely no exception to the strength and determination Lowcountry business owners and residents have.

Click here for a list of locally owned and independent businesses in Charleston.

Click here for a list of businesses who are accepting the 10% off coupon for the month of July.

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