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County Taxes:

Residents of Charleston reside in the county of Charleston.  County taxes are based on the use of the property.  For example, if your property will be used as your primary residence then you will be taxed at 4% of the assessed value times the milage rate (which is set by local officials who are elected).   Your total tax assessment will be reduced by additional deductions including school tax and homestead tax exemptions, if applicable. 

If you purchase a vacant parcel of land or a property that will be used as a second home/vacation residence, then you will be taxed at 6% of the assessed value of the property times the milage rate.  Vacation/Second homes and vacant parcels of land do not qualify for the homestead exemptions and don’t receive tax credits.

Here is the equation:

(Millage Rate* x Assessment Ratio** x Value***) – Tax Credits****

*set by local elected officials

**4% primary home; 6% rental, commercial, land, second home

***set by assessor and can be raised to the current sales 
price (point of sale assessment)

****set by elected officials

I strongly encourage you check out the following Property 
Tax Card example CLICK HERE  and in addition, call Charleston County’s 
Assessors office prior to purchasing a property as tax laws 
are constantly changing. I also highly recommend you get a written 
estimate from the tax assessor prior to closing: 
843-958-4200 extension 4061.

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