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Transportation & Distances

Below is a guide to approximate distances from Charleston to some major cities in the United States.


98 miles from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

107 miles from Savannah, Georgia

115 miles from Hilton Head, South Carolina

208 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina

267 miles from Asheville, North Carolina
290 miles from Atlanta, Georgia
590 miles from Miami, Florida
530 miles from Washington, DC
770 miles from New York City, New York
910 miles from Chicago, Illinois
2490 miles from Los Angeles, California

The Charleston International Airport  http://www.chs-airport.com/) is located in North Charleston and is approximately 10 minutes away from historical downtown Charleston.  Airlines include:  United Express, Northwest, Independence, Continental, Delta, US Airways, and Northwest.

Additional Airports:

Mt Pleasant Regional Airport  http://www.scaeronautics.com/airportdata.asp?FAAID=LRO

Charleston Executive Airport (John’s Island)


3 Interstates:  U.S.:  I-26, I-526 and I-95
5 U.S. Primary Highways:  17, 52, 78, 176, 701

Local Areas:  CARTA (Charleston Area Transportation Authority) http://www.ridecarta.com

Downtown Charleston:  Dash Shuttle  http://www.ridecarta.com

Long Distance:  Greyhound  http://www.greyhound.com/home/

Amtrak  www.amtrak.com