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Charleston-Area Population Growth Fuels Healthy Real Estate Market

In the Charleston area, our real estate market stats have been looking great overall so far this year. We’ve seen some impressive declines in inventory and quite a few sales. The numbers for June come out on Tuesday, and we’ll then have a really good picture of...

Charleston, SC: Ranked One of the Most Affordable Cities

Who doesn’t want the best bang for their buck? Here in Charleston, SC, that’s what we’re known for. Forbes magazine recently ranked Charleston No. 27 on the list for most affordable cities to live in. Charleston ranked high in most categories but especially stood out...

South Carolina’s Tax Holiday

If you need to do some shopping, this weekend is the time to get it done. Beginning this weekend (Aug. 8 and 9), South Carolina shoppers will receive a sales tax break on back-to-school items. The six percent state and local sales tax will be waived on certain...