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Below please find useful website links pertaining to government services in the Charleston area (Department of Motor Vehicles, postal offices, public libraries, general County information and voting). 

City of Charleston Government:

  • Form of Government: Mayor-Council (4 year terms)

  • Current Mayor: Joseph P. Riley, Junior (term expires 1/2012)

  • Type of Election: Non-Partisan

  • Regular Council Meetings are held: Second and Forth Tuesdays of each month at City Hall

  • City of Charleston’s website:  http://www.charlestoncity.info

Informational Websites Pertaining to the City of Charleston:

City of Charleston:  http://www.charlestoncity.info/home/default.aspx

Zoning Ordinance for City of Charleston:  http://www.municode.com/resources/gateway.asp?sid=40&pid=14049

Board of Architectural Review for City of Charleston:  http://www.charleston-sc.gov/index.aspx?NID=293

General County & State Informational Websites:

Charleston County Government http://www.charlestoncounty.org/

Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau http://www.charlestoncvb.com/

Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce http://www.charlestonchamber.net/

Charleston Police Department http://www.charlestoncity.info/dept/?nid=19

South Carolina Government http://www.sc.gov/

South Carolina Department of Public Safety http://www.scdps.org/

Fast Facts about South Carolina http://www.scprt.com/facts-figures/helpwithhomework/fastfacts.aspx


In order to vote, you must register with Charleston County Board of Voter Registration 30 days before the next election.  You will need to provide proof of residency when you apply.  Please call the Charleston County for current procedures & office hours: 843-744-8683 or visit: http://www.scvotes.org/

Another option is for you to register at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) but I would call in advance as policies change frequently:  (843) 727-6477.


If you move to South Carolina from a different state and establish a permanent residence here, you must apply for a driver license in South Carolina. Also, you must register your vehicle(s) as well.

If you have a valid driver’s license issued by the state from which you moved (which hasn’t expired), you can use it for 90 days.  After 90 days , you must surrender it and obtain a South Carolina driver license. However, please note, you only have 45 days to transfer your out of state vehicle registration to South Carolina (thus when it comes to tags you don’t have 90 days–only 45!).

The Charleston DMV is located at:  180 Lockwood Blvd.  Charleston, SC  29403   (843) 727-6477

Requirements & terms subject to change. 
Please visit:
for current information

and for an updated list of accepted forms of identification that you will need to bring with you.



Libraries in downtown Charleston include:

Charleston–Main Library Branch

68 Calhoun Street

Charleston, SC  29401

(843) 805-6930

John L. Dart

1067 King Street

Charleston, SC  29403

(843) 722-7550

There are numerous other libraries in the Charleston area.  Please visit Charleston County Public Library’s website for a complete list:

Charleston County Public Library   http://www.ccpl.org/  843-805-6801

U.S. Postal Service: 

U.S. Post Office locations in downtown Charleston include:

83 Broad Street

Charleston, SC  29401

557 E Bay Street

Charleston, SC  29403

171 Moultrie Street

Charleston, SC  29409

Please visit:  http://www.usps.com/ or call 800-ASK-USPS for additional locations and office hours.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Animal Control:  (843) 577-7434

Business License:  (843) 724-3711

Livability Court:  (843) 805-3226

Potholes:  (843) 768-4653

Parking Decals:  (843) 724-7375

Sidewalk Maintenance:  (843) 724-7366