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North Charleston – A host of dignitaries including North Charleston’s mayor and South Carolina congressman Jim Clyburn officially opened horizon village. The village is on the borders of Spruill and Rivers avenue and is a blend of single family homes, apartments and a senior citizens community. It is funded by the federal government’s Hope six program.

“Hope 6 is all about affordable housing. It is mixed use not the way people generally think of it. Cos you can have home ownership here You get residents here, you have senior housing allowing for inter-generational experiences.” says Cong. Clyburn.

This is a place where the income levels will vary. High income to low income families will be able to live in Horizon and there will even be public housing.

“You can’t tell which one is market, you can’t tell which one is tax credit. You can’t tell which is public housing or market. It’s all blended in to one community.”

There are one, two three or four bedroom appartments with a small patio or a porch. Each is in the Charleston style architecture with Charleston colors.