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Charleston, SC is a very unique city in the sense that it mixes high-class elegance with southern charm and hospitality. The friendly and welcoming personality of the residents explains why Charleston is repeatedly voted to be one of the “Most Friendly” cities in the US.

Charleston has a strong Caribbean, African and Gullah influence, which can be attributed to the high African slave population that started in the 1700s. Today, this heritage is celebrated and seen through many restaurants, festivals, concerts and retail stores.

Perhaps the most recognizable Lowcountry souvenir is the sweetgrass basket. These woven intricacies are a piece of Charleston’s history—Gullah-Geechee culture and a story of a people. There are approximately 500 local sweetgrass basket weavers who create the same masterpieces their ancestors have for centuries. There are numerous pavilions dedicated to this craft, and you can find the basketweavers set up along Mt. Pleasant’s roadways and at Charleston’s festivals.

Throughout its history, Charleston has had a deep appreciation for the arts. A world-class symphony orchestra, a ballet company, and a number of local performance groups delight the community each night. A variety of festivals—fashion, dance, music, history, and art—are local must-sees.

Since the very early days of colonization, Charleston has a place to embody religious diversity. With over 60 religious buildings, Charleston has been dubbed “The Holy City.”

A taste for the finer things in life permeates the Lowcountry lifestyle. Charleston’s art galleries, antique shops and fashion boutiques draw in people from all over the world. A taste for great food and wine served in an exquisite and unique atmosphere explains why Charleston boasts the most fine dining establishments per capita in the Southeast.

Higher education is a priority in Charleston. Three major universities offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are also several top-notch technical schools that offer training and certificates in a wide range of work-related areas. Charleston is home to the state’s premier medical school, a new school of law and the nation’s first four-year college focused on the arts.

From old-world mansions to urban dwellings, beachfront properties to traditional suburbs, island resorts to lavish downtown apartments, Charleston, SC has something for everyone. Come see for yourself the grace and sense of community that’s defined life in the South for generations.

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