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I previous blogged and indicated Google is expanding to our area. I have a few more details regarding this company. It plans on investing $600 million developing a data center and will create 200 jobs. They plan on bringing in around $200 million a year to our local economy through taxes and job creation. The average job will pay around $48,000 annually. They hope to have the first servers on-line by the end of the year & the entire center operating in 18 months.

It is official…Google is here (in Charleston, South Carolina). The company is expanding and purchased 514 acres in Berkeley County–the Mount Holly Commerce Park. This is about 20 minutes from downtown Charleston.

The company purchased the land last December for around $16.9 million. The property was deeded in as a LLC (Maguro Enterprises LLC) so it was unknown who it really was…but now we know.

We welcome this new company!

Source: Channel 2 News

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