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In South Carolina, a person qualified for the Homestead Exemption is he/she:

1. holds a fee simple title or life estate and it is their primary residence

2. as of December 31 preceding the tax year of the exemption, the applicant was a legal resident of SC for at least one year.

3. As of December 31 preceding the tax year of the exemption the applicant must qualify by either of the following:

a. be 65 years old

b. classified as totally and permanently disabled by the appropriate state or federal agency

c. meet the state’s definition of being totally blind

In SC, for those who are qualified, this program exempts the first $50,000 of their home’s value from all property taxes. Assessed value drops by $2,000 (ie. 50,000 x 4%=$2000).

Laws, policies, taxes…constantly change. Please verify all information with:

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