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So, you want to sell your home — but how do you get it to stand out from others that are similar? Here’s a creative real estate sales trend that we think would work out really well for the gorgeous historic luxury homes of Charleston: make a Hollywood-style feature mini movie, complete with a captivating scripted storyline, professional camerawork and a trained cast of actors.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on this trend. While the cost of producing a mini movie can be a pricey marketing expense, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the tactic can be quite successful for selling homes in the $1 million-plus price range.

Real estate marketing analysts point out that as the practice of shopping for a home online continues to gain momentum, buyers aren’t necessarily able to visit every home they’re interested in purchasing. These mini movies are effective because they encourage an emotional connection to the home. While a video virtual tour of a home is often better than just still photographs, these Hollywood-style productions really draw in viewers and create a memorable interaction for the prospective homebuyers. The audience gets to see people actually using the home, and depending on the plot of the production, they may be laughing, crying or sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next. Tapping into these emotions goes a long way in marketing a luxury home. Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s video report on the topic.



If you’d like to see one of the films in full, check out this video on YouTube. It showcases a $35 million Malibu home. Imagine the plot possibilities for a mini movie set in one of Charleston’s premiere luxury homes.

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