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As Robert Behre of the Post and Courier aptly puts it, “Charlestonians are famous for resisting change, especially to their buildings, but there’s mounting evidence that their minds evolve even on this subject, too. It just takes time.”
The winner of this year’s Carolopolis Award is the home at 162 Spring Street. The home was built in the 1880s and but has since undergone major changes.
The changes which took place about 50 years ago actually created and simpler home especially on the street side portion of the house as part of the home was a home to a barber shop.

Mark Stephenson, a Charleston businessman purchased 162 Spring a few years ago. A major fire had completely destroyed the building except for the barber shop. Stephenson rehabilitated the building after consulting with Robert Gurley of the Preservation Society.

“It isn’t original, but it’s been a part of the fabric of that building for a long time,” Gurley told the Post and Courier. “We felt it contributed to the neighborhood. It has stood the test of time.”

Other Carolopolis award winners include 60 Montagu St. and 13 Pitt St. (pro merito for exterior preservation); 39 Legare St. (exterior preservation and new construction); and the outbuilding at 20 Charlotte St. and homes at 201 Rutledge Ave. and 3 Elmwood Terrace (exterior rehabilitation).

The Carolopolis Award is an award given out yearly to homes who have stood the test of time and help the city of Charleston maintain its historic charm.