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NBC Channel 2 News reporter Meryl Conant did a story about the Coleman Boulevard (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina) Revitalization plans in the work (February 12, 2007).

According to Meryl, “A main street in Mount Pleasant is about to get a million-dollar makeover. For months, citizens and staff members have been compiling a list of suggestions on how Coleman Boulevard should look down the road. They will present their final report later this week.

The revitalization plan will encompass all of Coleman Blvd, from the base of the Ravenel Bridge to the Ben Sawyer Bridge.

In 1993, Harry Gregory opened GDC Home on Coleman Boulevard. He says since then this main street has become a main attraction with stores along the boulevard raking in a quarter billion dollars annually. To keep things rolling, Gregory and other citizens joined the Coleman Revitalization Advisory Board or CRAB.

“To encapsulate it: a small town main street feeling nestled in an urban vibrant community that will continue to grow for the next 20, 30 years,” Gregory explained.

“Imagine the main streets we all know and love,” said Mt. Pleasant’s Deputy Town Administrator, Eric DeMoura, who is the project manager. “Imagine the places that aren’t a commercial center but have people who work there, shop there, eat there and live there.”

On CRAB’s list of suggestions: public parks, a diner district where people can sit outside, wider sidewalks lined with stores and decorated lamps, and all underground utilities.

From the lamps to sidewalk to utility structures, the town of Mt. Pleasant has set aside $4 million for the complete makeover. While the city’s financial contribution can help, DeMoura says the success of the project will depend on business owners, like Gregory. Business owners who want to get their hands in on the revitalization project by doing some of their own redevelopment.

A sort of private-public partnership paving the way to a unique boulevard.

Any construction is more than a year away since town council first has to review CRAB’s suggestions and then hire a design firm.”

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