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The MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital will make its debut on Feb. 22, the health care system announced Monday. 

“We’re finally getting our keys to this one-of-a-kind facility, and it’s been the dedication, commitment and faith of many that have gotten us to this wonderful day,” said Dr. Mark Scheurer, the new hospital’s chief medical officer. “Our children’s and women’s teams deserve high praise for their perseverance, flexibility and expertise as we move through the final stages of occupying this new facility.” 

Robins & Morton informed hospital officials Monday that all regulatory requirements have been met, and the 11-story structure was ready to take staff and patients.

On the day of the Saturday opening, patients will be transferred from Ashley Avenue to the new hospital on Courtenay Drive and Calhoun Street. MUSC has said it’s been prepared for the move for months.  The new facility, which includes the Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion, has 250 patient beds, or 20 percent more compared to the Ashley Avenue children’s hospital. (Credit: Post & Courier)

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