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The City of Goose Creek, a suburb of Charleston SC, will be looking to spend over $2 million to build three new multipurpose fields in a growing part of the city. The $2.5 million fields would be built as a proposed joint-use agreement with the Berkeley County School District at the district’s upcoming Carolyn Lewis School.

The school is a K-8 center located off Highway 176 that will house 1,200 students and is scheduled to open in Fall 2023, according to the district. In return for the $2.5 million investment, the city and public would have access to the fields after school lets out for recreational use.

Goose Creek Mayor Greg Habib said the city’s recently-passed municipal improvement district in Carnes Crossroads, the first in the city, will pay for the construction of the fields, which will be lit up for nighttime use.

The city hopes the fields will be completed at around the same time the campus opens for students. (Credit: WCSC TV)