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In its Annual Wage & Job Growth Survey, the Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce that the average per-capita wage at companies participating in the 2021 survey is $101,710 – a considerable increase from the previous year average of $91,183.

“While the acceleration of a hybrid work model is resulting in a spike of migration of tech talent into our region, many of the recent transplants continue working for companies located elsewhere,” said Charleston Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade. “With a high level of business assistance for startup and early-stage tech companies, we expect some of these experienced professionals to start their own ventures or take on roles at local tech companies and contribute to the growth of Charleston’s tech community.”

The completion of the 92,000 square foot Charleston Tech Center, currently home to fifty-one tech and tech-related companies, has played a key role in supporting the growth of Charleston’s tech community. The location in Downtown Charleston, flexible term and lease options along with the building’s location in the federally designated Opportunity Zone, has proven attractive to tech companies and investors alike. (Credit: Charleston Digital Corridor)

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