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For the 13th year in a row, CEO’s weigh in on what each of the 50 states has to offer your business. While there is a level of constancy when it comes to the very best and very worst states for business as ranked by CEO’s, there is plenty of jockeying for position within the ranks, and even some leaping and plummeting.

Because of how CEO’s view business climates, because states themselves have varying priorities and because of the slow pace of change in many state governments, the same states have held top five spots for six years running.

South Carolina – #4  Exporters in 2016 posted a seventh consecutive record year with export sales of $31.2 billion – a $400 million increase over last year, according to The S.C. Department of Commerce. In total, the state recruited more than $3.4 billion in capital investment, creating approximately 13,100 new jobs.